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budovy MSV Liberec, s.r.o.

The MSV Liberec, s.r.o. Company was founded in 1994. Its founder, Mr. Jiří Kraus (the company’s current CEO), together with his business partner, initiated this business in the field of lifts and special purpose machines, regardless of the already existing competition.

Thanks to both his experience and his contacts, he was able to quickly obtain the first orders and shortly afterwards also to prosper. Based on systematic development, within a short time it became possible to start offering installations and assemblies of foreign components and of technologically advanced products with which the local enterprises did not, at that time, have much experience. It did not take long for a positive response to come.

After its successful launch, in 1995 the Company started its own production and manufacture, both of individual components and also of complete lifts. The business partner broke-away and began to pursue his own business.

In 1998, the MSV Liberec, s.r.o. Company moved to its current premises located on Kralická Street, so that its infrastructure could expand by recruiting new employees and thereby the company fully embarked in the lift industry including the provision of servicing.

In 2010 the Company decided to expand its scope of business by creating a new division named “Filling of openings”. Thanks to several interesting projects this division gained visibility and it continues to extend its range.

Another division became the “Plastic windows” division, founded in 2014. This division also provides a complete range of turnkey services.

The MSV Liberec s.r.o. Company has more than 20 years of rich experience. It has supplied its own products for many building projects (including shopping malls, family homes and prefabricated houses, administrative and industrial buildings, restaurants, hospitals, schools and many others) and it can also boast that its lifts serve their purpose far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic (in Switzerland, Georgia, Romania, Great Britain, etc.).