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Osvědčení o autorizaci

An Authorization Certificate

The subject of the authorisation: the structure, execution and implementation of specialised expert activities by a service company for maintaining lifts…



Authorisation for assembling, repairing, implementing general repairs, reconstructing, the revision and inspection testing of lifting equipment…

Výpis z obchodního rejstříku

Certificate of Incorporation

An excerpt from the Commercial Register held at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem – Section C, File 7273 • Company: MSV Liberec s.r.o…

Výpis ze živnostenského rejstříku

An excerpt from the trade register

An excerpt from the public part of the Trade Register – valid as of the 26th March 2013 08:37:33 • Company: MSV Liberec s.r.o. Registered Office: Kralická 79/11 …

Designový katalog


References to lifts supplied by the MSV Liberec s.r.o. Company, divided into categories in accordance with the type of building, are downloadable here in the pdf format…

Osvědčení o procesu svařování

The Modernisation of Lifts

Modernise your lift with a minimum of worries and in record time – modernisation with the MSV Liberec, s.r.o. Company in the pdf format is downloadable here…