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Small goods lifts

Malý nákladní výtah

he small goods lifts with a capacity of 50, 100 or 300 kg that are not intended for passenger transportation are suitable for transporting food, documents and other smaller loads. In the basic design the engine room is located in the upper part of the shaft; on request it is also possible to choose an alternative location. The drive is provided by a gear machine. The design of the lift may either be rope-based or chain-based. The transport speed is 0.3 m/s or 0.45 m/s, in accordance with the type and the capacity of the lift.

We offer either placing the loading point on one side or a divider version with doors placed opposite each other or even around the corner from each other. The cabin and the doors can either be galvanised or made from stainless steel. The cabin does not have a door; the landing doors either stand on a ledge or directly on the floor. It is also possible to choose a version that has vertical sliding barriers or one that has a one-leaf manually controlled door.

Also included is a self-supporting steel structure that is anchored to the floor, to the landings and to the ceiling of the building. After its installation the shaft structure needs to be lined with a suitable material (sheet metal, fireproof plasterboard or bricks).