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Servisní vozidlo MSV Liberec, s.r.o.

24 hours  a day
7 days a week
365 days a year

+420 800 174 352
+420 482 770 303
+420 602 448 177

Email: servis@msv-lbc.cz

The MSV Liberec, s.r.o. company is pleased that it can offer to you the maintenance and service of lifts, which is controlled from our Liberec headquarters and is currently provided by four service centres:


Currently our Company provides service for 1,731 lifts and this number continues to increase!

The service is carried out in continuous mode and in accordance with the processed rules and procedures for the performance of services. The scope of the work that will be performed is defined in the relevant service agreement and also in accordance with the individual customer’s needs and requirements.

Additionally we also implement operational inspections (lift supervisory activities), professional inspections and professional examinations in accordance with CSN 274002 and CSN 274007.

We also carry out scheduled preventative maintenance, the lubrication of lifts in accordance with the Lubrication Plans and the elimination of any defects detected during technical inspections and tests.

During the inspections we also provide assistance activities, advice and training activities (the training of persons authorised to rescue passengers from lifts, including lift operators and guards).